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In today's economy the repossession business is booming. Repossession companies are constantly looking to hire qualified repo men. Get your piece of the action now!

When the economy is good, repossessors make good money, when the economy is bad repossessors make great money. It is a recession proof industry.

Repossession agents are normally paid a bounty for every vehicle they pick up. If you are a motivated individual that is not afraid of a little hard work, you can make a lot of money in the repossession industry! is now offering an advanced skip tracing training program. Our skip tracing training is comprehensive and completely covers all aspects of skip tracing vehicles and people for repossession.

Click Here for More Information on our advanced skip tracing training program.

  Contact is currently rebuilding our web site to offer even more repossession training programs. Check back soon to see all of the new repossessor training courses we offer. All of our course materials are being re-written and re-published. We are adding more repossessor training information, and putting it together into a better format. is also working to get accreditation for our repossessor training from a university. We apologize for the delay while we are revamping our repossessor training school. We expect to be offering our repossessor training courses again in August 2010.


The following repossession companies train all of their repossession agents exclusively through the training program.



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