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In today's economy the repossession business is booming. Repossession companies are constantly looking to hire qualified repo men. Get your piece of the action now!

When the economy is good, repossessors make good money, when the economy is bad repossessors make great money. It is a recession proof industry.

Repossession agents are normally paid a bounty for every vehicle they pick up. If you are a motivated individual that is not afraid of a little hard work, you can make a lot of money in the repossession industry! is now offering an advanced skip tracing training program. Our skip tracing training is comprehensive and completely covers all aspects of skip tracing vehicles and people for repossession.

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  Repossession Service Company Testimonials

The following repossession service companies train all of their repo men and skip tracers with the  repossessor training and skip tracer training program.


Repossessor Training - Repossession School has trained all of their repossessors using the training system for the last 3 years. Our profits up and our lawsuits and complaints have stopped. provides you with information and training your repossession agents can use in the real world.

Repossessor Certification  - Repssession Management Training has trained all of our repo men and office managers for the last 4 years. Our drivers are averaging an extra 10 cars per week after taking the training course. The skip tracing information is priceless, it has paid for itself hundreds of times over. If you are a repossessor and have not completed the repossessor training course, you are flat out losing money every week.

Contingent Repossession Service trains all of our repossessors and repomen exclusively with the repossessor training course. Numbers don't lie, we repossess at least 25% more cars per month since we started using the Repossessor Training Course. Our repossessors are skip tracing their own accounts, picking up more cars, and everyone is making more money.

Repo University - Repoman Training

Nationwide Repo used several other repossessor training programs that only delivered out of date information and illegal repossession tactics. We then switched to for all of our repossessor training needs and have used them exclusively for the last 2 years. Repossessions are up, complaints are down, our customers love us, life is good!

Professional Repossessor Training trains all of our repossession agents with the Repossessor Training Course. We specialize in repossessing high end RV's and luxury motor coaches. Our repossessors were amazed at the amount of relevant information especially for a niche repossession service like RV Repo.

JD Recovery has used the Repossession Management Training from the day we opened our doors. Every one of our employees has been trained exclusively by the Repossessor Training Course. Our office managers also trained with the Repossession Company Management Training Course. We are growing fast and opening new offices on a regular basis. Thanks,! trains all of our repo men at Atlanta Repo. The skip tracing techniques they teach you are alone worth the price of admission. is how you take a good repossessor and make him a legend! This is practical "meat and potatoes" information that every repossessor needs.

This is a complete training program that contains over 25 years of repossession company management experience compiled into an easy to follow guide. You will find the information invaluable and refer to the material for years to come. has used the repossessor training for all of our repossessors with great success. Every one of our repo men has increased their repossessions after completing the course. Our customers appreciate the fact that our repossessors are well trained and professional repossessors.

Repossessor Training School

Carolina  Adjusters now trains all of our repossessors using the repossessor training course. The training material was well written and contains a lifetime of repossession experience condensed into practical information in an easy to follow program.



The following repossession companies train all of their repossession agents exclusively through the training program.


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