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Repossession Management Training


Testimonials is now offering an advanced skip tracing training program. Telephone tolls are now illegal, the modern skip tracer needs to be able to trace IP addresses and text messages, Repo-U teaches you the skills.

Repossessor Certification Training School

Repossession agents are normally paid a bounty for every vehicle they pick up. If you are a motivated individual that is not afraid of a little hard work, you can make a lot of money being a repo man!

Repo Joe - Repossession Trainer

Repo Joe Says: Hi, I'm Repo Joe, Ill be teaching you some of the finer points of the repossession process. Here are the top 10 reasons to be a repo man.

1. Great Pay, the average repossessor is paid between $50 to $250 for every car they repossess. Most good repossessors will pick up 5 to 10 cars a day!

2. Flexible hours, You have to spend some time in the office each day updating customers, but other than that, you set your own schedule.

3. Exciting job, if you are the type of person that enjoys excitement and thrills, you would enjoy being a repossessor.

4. Job security, the repossession industry is predicting a 10 year growth boom.

5. Contacts, as a repossessor you will make good contacts in the banking, legal, finance, and law enforcement community.

6. Exotic cars, you will get to drive and transport some of the worlds most exotic cars.

7. Knowledge, the information and street smarts you will gain being a repossessor will give you insight into every transaction you enter into.

8. Free towing and lockout service for friends and family. from time to time, everyone needs a tow or has locked their keys in their car.

9. Great people, the repossession community is small and tight community. The people you meet will become lifelong friends.

10. Being a repo man is fun. if you are looking for a job that you can't wait to get up in the morning and go to work, you should consider being a repo man.

Do you have what it takes to be a repo man? Would your like to be a repossessor? Take five minutes and take our repossession aptitude test to see if you have what it takes to be a repo man.

Would you like to start your own repossession business? offers a complete repossession business training program that will teach you how to successfully own and operate a repossession company.

  Repossessor Management Training

Cost for the Repossessor Management training is $2,500. This covers all training materials and resources listed below.  Money Back Guarantee!

Training Includes:

Repossessor Training Certification - We will provide you with our complete Repossessor Training Certification Program to train all of your employees on the proper way to repossess collateral. There is a final exam and certification fee of $45 for for each final exam processed.

Advanced Skip Tracing Training - will also provide you with our complete Advanced Skip Tracing Training Program so that you will be able to train people to hunt down the cars you are trying to repossess. There is a final exam and certification fee of $45 for for each final exam processed.

Setting Your Prices - Repossession companies charge for repossession, keys, skip tracing, vehicle transport, vehicle storage and vehicle detailing. We show you how to analyze your market and how to set competitive pricing for your region.

How to Find Customers - We will provide you with detailed strategies of how to locate potential customers in your market area. How to recognize the money makers, and what customers you should avoid.

Repossession Ethics - Repossession situations are described, options and ethics are discussed.

Tools of the Trade - Introduction to repossession tools and their uses, and misuses.

Repossession Process - How to execute the repossession. Training covers the how and when of repossession. Many situations are presented as examples highlighting the proper way to perform the repossession, and what not to do.

Basic Lock Picking - Lock picking terms and definitions. How and when to pick a lock. Where to get your picks, and how you should practice to hone your skills.

Advanced Lock Picking -  Material covers everything from padlock shims to vehicle ignition systems.

Basic Slim Jim Techniques  - Basic use of slim jims and wedges is explained in detail. Techniques for practicing slim jim and wedge use are also covered in detail.

Advanced Slim Jim Techniques  - Advanced techniques for increasing your speed and proficiency at slim jim use are explained in detail. Practice drills, and timed drills are also covered.

Repossession Safety - Training on how to keep yourself safe on the streets. Detailed examples are given to teach the proper and improper way to respond to almost any situation that may arise on the streets.

Vehicle Alarm Systems - We will train you on how to detect them, how to disable them, and when to ignore them.

Skip Tracing - Complete description and discussion of laws governing skip tracing, what is legal, and what isn't. Top 10 legal ways to locate and repossess your vehicle. Top 10 illegal ways to find and repossess your vehicle.

Other Repossessions - Complete explanation of how to repossess boats, jet skis, recreational vehicles, and heavy construction equipment.

Updating Your Customer - Short of repossessing the car, the next best thing you can do for your customer is to give them a good update. We teach you how to develop a good relationship with your customer through the process of updating your accounts. Any tow jockey can repossess cars. If you can repossess cars AND give your customers good updates, your employer will have you managing your own branch office in no time.

Demanding a Vehicle - So you know where your debtor lives and the car is in the garage. How do you get them to open the garage? We'll show you how to successfully door knock an account.

Comprehensive Final exam - Upon completion of the Repossessor Certification training, you will be provided a final exam to test you on your knowledge of repossession terms, laws and practices. Your skills at lock picking and slim jim techniques will also be tested. It is an open book test requiring the repossessor to score 100% on the law section of the test, 80% or better on the repossession general knowledge section of the test, and a 80% or better on the lock picking and slim jim proficiency section of the test. First test is included with cost of training, re-testing is available at a cost of $45 per test.

Repossessor Certification - Once it has been determined that you have received a score on your final exam meeting the requirements for Repossessor Certification, you will receive a certificate of completion detailing all of the repossession knowledge and skills you have successfully demonstrated being proficient at.


  Repossession Management Resources

Almost anybody can be a repossessor, this is the information that will make you a successful repossessor. You will find yourself referring back to this material for years to come.

Resources Included:

Repossession Forms - Repossession hold harmless, replevin orders, vehicle condition reports, and repossession affidavits are all explained in great detail along with sample forms for each document.

Where to buy your tools - Many employers require you to have your own set of lock picks, window wedges, and slim jims. We show you where to get great deals on any of the tools you need to be a repossessor.

Deals on Tow Trucks - If you are planning on buying your own tow truck the inside information we pass on to you here will save you more than you paid for your Repossessor Certification.

Sample Resumes - Once you have successfully passed your final exam for your Repossessor Certification, you will receive sample resumes detailing all of the skills and knowledge you have learned through the Repossessor Certification program.

Where to find Employment - We show you how to find all of the repossessors operating in your area, and show you the correct way to apply to them for a job. Interview do's and don'ts are also covered.

Where to Get Keys - How to find local locksmiths and get the best possible price. Tips on obtaining keys from car dealerships is also included. You will get better deals on keys than your employer.

Vehicle Maintenance - Your tow truck is your life blood, take good care of it. Logs for you to keep track of your repo truck inspections and maintenance. You can't make money if your truck is in the shop.

Habits of a Successful Repossessor - Habits and practices that will help you pick up more cars and put more money in your pocket.

Skip Tracing Resources - We include dozens of skip tracing resources to assist you in becoming a better repossessor. The more cars you find, the more money you make. Here is a small sample of the skip tracing resources that are included:

Social Security Number Decoder - Decode anyone's social security number, determine the person's age and where they lived when the social was issued to them. Helps you identify fake or fraudulent social security numbers.

Skip Tracing Pretexts - We provide you with scripts for calling utility companies and tricking them into telling you where your skip has electric service turned on. Time proven money makers. This is the stuff that will make a good repossessor a great repossessor.

Vehicle Tracking Systems - How and when to access OnStar, or other vehicle tracking systems to locate the vehicle you are trying to repossess.

Online Skip Tracing Tools - There are birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, and records for just about everything else a person does today. We show you how to search for these free records and use the information to repossess the car you are after.

Online Pay Services - We show you what services have value and what services are pure rip off's. We have consolidated years of experience into clear and easy to use format.

Accessing DMV Records - We show you how to set up an account with your state so that you are able to run license plates through their data base.

Secret Repossession Tips & Tricks - Repossession secrets revealed, universal garage door openers, how to repossess a car in a pay lot, how to repossess a car in a gated community, much much more.

Download Now! Take charge of your life and invest in your future. You are just minutes away from receiving all of this information and starting a new career in the repossession industry. We offer a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Repossessor School - Repo Man training


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